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Founded by Angelo d'Arrigo, world champion and flight recordman.


- Paragliding Courses (standard - introductive - advanced ground handling)
- Paraglider Tandem flights - Taormina (ME), Patti (ME), Catenanuova (EN)
- Paragliding gear rent (wing, harness, helmet, radio...)
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Paragliding tandem flight - Etna Fly - Sicily

The paragliding tandem is done by appointment, any day of the week, with suitable weather conditions.
Confirmation is generally given one or two days before the flight.

The fare is 70€/person. (+20 euro with optional HD inflight video delivered in SD
memory card, included)

Sicily's main spots suitable for tandem flights:

- Gallodoro-Letojanni (ME) (Taormina, Giardini Naxos)
- Monte Venere-Castelmola-Taormina (ME) (800 meters) (supplement of 50 € over the basic fare)
- Patti-Capo Calavà-Gioiosa Marea-Piraino (ME)
- San Salvatore di Fitalia (ME)
- Finale di Pollina-Cefalù (PA)
- Tindari (ME) (Marinello, Oliveri, Falcone, Mongiove)
- Capo Milazzo (ME)
- Isola di Vulcano (ME) (supplement of 110 € over the basic fare)
- Cesarò (ME)
- Rocca del Corvo-Paternò (CT)
- Monte Scala-Caltagirone (CT)
- Catenanuova-Regalbuto(EN)
- Niscemi (CL)
- Palazzolo Acreide-Rigolizia (SR)
- Piana degli Albanesi (PA)
- San Vito Lo Capo (TP) (supplement of 50 € over the basic fare)
- Santo Stefano Quisquina (AG)
- Passo Funnuto (AG)
- Punta Bianca (AG)
- Giallonardo-Siculiana (AG)
- Scilla-Bagnara Calabra (RC)

The main flying site is Gallodoro (500 m over the sea) with landing on the beach of Letojanni (ME).
The meeting point is located close to landing, in the beach parking between piazza Cagli and Piazza Durante (Antico Borgo restaurant).
Find "etna fly" on Google Maps.

The equipment is provided by the pilot. With a very short briefing you'll be ready to take-off.

The flight time is a function of altitude and atmospheric conditions (uplift).
The high-performance wing used ensures a stay in the air much longer than a tandem jump with a parachute.
The pilot will do everything possible to satisfy your desire to fly.

The clothing: comfortable shoes that allow a slight running
taking off. Light windbreaker or jacket suitable for the season.

It is an exciting experience made ​​in conditions of maximum safety for the passenger and pilot.
All our pilots are professionals with regular certification for the transport of

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See you in the air!



Marco Busetta
Cell. (+39) 328 48 56 436
Skype: marco.busetta

Gabriele D'Arrigo
Cell. (+39) 346 8537032



Voli in parapendio biposto Etna Fly from Marco Busetta on Vimeo.

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Via delle Ginestre 32/b
95030 - Pedara (CT)



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